TELSA CEO Elon Musk just proved that he is true to his words when he confirmed that he is ready to leave the advisory council of President Donald Trump. According to him, this will happen if the U.S. government particularly the administration will withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

It can be recalled that President Trump received backlash and criticisms when he made it uncertain if he will still keep the U.S in a global agreement to fight climate change. Some sources close to the issue and the said matter said that he was actually planning to pull America out from the said accord.

According to CNN, the world most especially allies o the U.S. are waiting or the announcement of Donald Trump with regards to the Paris Agreement. With the latest news, it was reported that the president will announce his decision this Thursday which will determine the future of the said agreement.

It was U.S. Former President Barack Obama who took part and signed in the Paris Agreement which was agreed upon by 195 countries last 2015. With regards to the agreement, all the participating countries should get rid of fossil fuels and to employ clean energy practices. The very purpose of this pact is to stop the worsening of the global warming.

In case President Donald Trump ill withdraw its support from Paris Agreement, the U.S. will be implementing a more backward position on climate change and global warming. Moreover, Techly reported that the most powerful country in the world will be joining Nicaragua and Syria which originally pulled out from the agreement too.

Reports escalated that there is a bigger chance that President Donald Trump will withdraw its support from Paris Agreement. If this will take place, it will be very clear that the U.S. sets a more negative stance on climate change than North Korea which is one of the country-signatories.

At present Elon Musk, TESLA CEO belongs to Donald Trump's advisory councils namely Manufacturing Jobs Initiative and the economic advisory board. He is likewise threatening Trump to quit from these councils should he pulls U.S. out of the Paris Agreement. So far, this is the latest tension between the president and the Silicon Valley.