Dwight Howard does not belong to Atlanta Hawks anymore. His hometown team has traded him to Charlotte Hornets with the deal getting completed on Tuesday night and Rich Cho, the general manager of Charlotte, has expressed happiness at the arrival of Howard.

Atlanta Hawks has traded off Dwight Howard to Charlotte Hornets. According to TSN, the centre expert was sent to the new team on Tuesday night as that is when the deal was inked. So, now he will be with Charlotte and Rich Cho, the general manager of the team, has said that they are thrilled to have Howard on their side. Praising the eight-time All-Star, Cho said that he is an extremely talented player, a fabulous rim protector and rebounder.

He also appreciated his physical presence from the time he arrived in the league. Since Howard and Charlotte's coach Steve Clifford have been familiar with each other and the basketball star had his best seasons under him, Cho expressed a belief that it will lead to quick and positive gains for the Hornets. Those who do not know, Clifford was an assistant with Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando when Howard played in these two teams.

As for Howard's time with Atlanta Hawks, it did not last long, NBA claimed. He signed a three-year deal of around $ 70 million in July 2016 and was quite excited to play for his hometown. He performed well in the matches but was not pleased with the fact that his role had been reduced. He also sat out in two games that Hawks lost.

Dwight Howard had expressed his disappointment about his stint and admitted that it was difficult. He made it clear that he wanted to play on the court so that he could do something for his team which was not happening as he was sitting out.

It is worth mentioning here that Atlanta Hawks traded off Dwight Howard in exchange for Miles Plumlee and Marco Belinelli and it is said that with Howard, Charlotte Hornets hopes to fulfill its wish to get a star player that it has been missing for some time.