David Griffin and Cleveland Cavaliers are all set to go their separate ways. The contract of the general manager has not been renewed and it expires this month. Owner Dan Gilbert has made an announcement in this regard, thereby, confirming Griffin's exit.

The association between David Griffin and Cleveland Cavaliers has come to an end. According to NBA.com, owner Dan Gilbert announced yesterday that the contract of Griffin will not be renewed after it ends on June 30. He thanked Griffin on the behalf of the whole organization for his contribution and leadership but refused to say anything about the new appointment, saying that they are confident of finding a fitting replacement.

Notably, David Griffin is leaving at a time when Cleveland Cavaliers has bounced back to victory. It was exactly a year before that the team defeated Golden State Warriors in seven games, grabbing the first significant sports championship after 1964. What is more, the senior vice president of basketball operations at Cleveland Cavaliers is not coming back.

In the meantime, it is said that Indiana Pacers has contacted Cleveland Cavaliers to sign in Paul George, Chicago Tribune claimed. Also, LeBron James expressed his gratitude towards David Griffin and praised him on social media. He took to Twitter to say that he appreciated him and he hopes the same with respect to all the people of Cleveland. He also thanked him for his contribution.

As fans may know, James has always supported David Griffin. He took extraordinary efforts to credit the general manager during the 2016-17 season and also favored him for an extension. Nevertheless, his journey with Cleveland Cavaliers has come to an end. Despite helping the basketball team accomplish important feats, he could not get an extension.

It is worth mentioning here that David Griffin took over as the Cleveland Cavaliers vice president of basketball operations in 2010. In Feb 2014, he was named the acting general manager of the team and three months later, he was appointed as a permanent full-time manager.