With temperature as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat waves have brought the city of Phoenix to a standstill. Several American flights were grounded at Sky Harbor International Airport on Tuesday. Even warnings regarding the major health issues have been issued for people in Phoenix.

The daily weather forecast has predicted that the temperature in Phoenix on Tuesday would touch the 120 degrees mark. This high temperature is affecting the smaller regional jets flying out of Phoenix in a big way. Extreme heat changes the air density in a manner that it makes it hard for the airplanes to take off. According to reports from USA Weekly, American Airlines has said in a statement that the American Eagle regional flights use the Bombardier CRJ aircraft and the aircraft cannot operate beyond the temperature of 118 degrees. As a result, several flights from Phoenix had to be canceled.

The report further states that the fliers who were affected due to the cancellation of the flight are given two options. They can contact American Airlines either for rebooking options or request a refund. The American Airlines also asked the travelers to change their flight if it is scheduled to arrive or depart between 3 P.M and 6 P.M on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Moreover, no extra charges will be levied for fliers who are opting for a change in flight, due to the heat wave.

The state Department of Health Services has claimed that every year approximately 2,000 people seek medical help due to heat-related illness. The illness ranges from simple heat rash to severe heat stroke. The poor people are worst affected by the summer heat. All residents of Phoenix have been advised to stay hydrated and avoid being out in the sun for long. It must be mentioned that last year, 130 people died due to the extreme heat that prevailed in the region during summer.