The troops from the United States and Britain steered a NATO defense drill to rehearse the probable scenarios that might crop up if Russia tries to cut off the Baltic States from the Western alliances. However, Russia has denies having any invasion plans.

Unites States and Britain's troops conducted a NATO defensive drill for the first time. The large-scale drill was done on the Poland and Lithuania's border. According to reports from Reuters, the drill was conducted in an area called the Suwalki Gap, which runs through farmland, woods and the low hills.

The drill spanned across two days and also had the U.S. and Britain's helicopters as well as aircrafts participating along with the troops to rehearse the situations that might crop up if a Russian invasion takes place. The NATO officials are reportedly worried for a possible invasion as this fall, the Russian war games are scheduled to take place and, it will have about 100,000 troops participating.

The report further states that according to Ben Hodges, the U.S. Lieutenant General, the Suwalki Gap is vulnerable due to its geography. And though it is not inevitable, but if a possible Russian invasion takes place, it will cut off the Baltic States from the Western alliances.

It must be mentioned here that according to reports from ZeroHedge, the NATO officials have stated that the drills that were recently conducted were small scale and nothing compared to a situation if a real attack happened and are just gestures and not preparation for any war.

The Russians have, however, denied having any plans of invading the Baltics and reports suggests that it has even warned the NATO forces of such defensive buildup and termed them to be "unprovoked act of aggression against Russia." But, the protests have not been headed by the United States' Senate and it even passed a new sanction alleging Russia had meddled with the US elections.