Meghan Markle is said to be uncertain if a wedding with Prince Harry is in the works, even with an engagement which is said to be imminent. Some reports were claiming that the reason was due to her career in the Hollywood more so that she is just starting to gain build her Hollywood career.

Latest reports confirmed that Meghan Markle was really torn between her life with Prince Harry and with her career at the moment. The reports also added that Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels offered the actress a script which can propel her to an A-list superstar.

Apart from that, Hello Magazine claimed that Meghan Markle is completely aware that there is no going back once her engagement with Prince Harry will be announced. If this happens in the future, there is a possibility that she will miss a great and big opportunity in her career.

That's why, at the moment, the actress is reportedly having second thoughts in accepting Prince Harry' proposal once he will pop the question to her. For sure, Meghan Markle is having a hard time contemplating about the possible consequences of a possible royal engagement with her boyfriend.

The reports of a possible engagement are becoming imminent since Meghan Markle started to make appearances in public with Prince Harry. More than that, the actress was even invited to some important royal affairs like the wedding of Pippa Middleton held recently.

If those were not enough, reports were also rife that Prince Harry already introduced Meghan Markle to some member of the royal family that included Prince William and Kate Middleton. Because of this, Daily Express reported that the couple' relationship is already getting serious.

At present, Meghan Markle is part of the series, "Suits" and people are wondering if she has plans o leaving the show. If she is really serious about her relationship with Prince Harry perhaps she is left with no other choice t to leave Hollywood.