U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce his plans regarding the development of the country's trade embargo with Cuba. It was also reported that whatever the president will announce, it is then expected that getting a Cuban cigar will be very difficult most especially this week.

It can be recalled that recently, some reports were claiming that Tump will be making an important announcement regarding the Cuba policy changes. Before, Former President Barack Obama already imposed policies in the said communist state and the current president is to make necessary changes.

With his impending announcement, Trump is reportedly imposing also the U.S. travel ban to the said country where a communist regime is rampant. During the administration of Obama, restrictions on tourists who wanted to take the Cuban cigar as a souvenir was lifted.

The Cuban cigar, as most tourists are aware is considered as the prized item to the island. Besides, Cuba is the prime producer of tobacco and this might suffer once Trump will make necessary changes with regards to the policy.

According to Business Insider, the tobacco production of Cuba is likened to the wine production and culture of Napa Valley. The tobacco production also helped the people in Cuba in so many ways to the point that farmers drastically gained income out of this.

Specifically, farmers in Cuba earn by hosting visitors from across the globe, providing guided tours through the attractive spots in the country, and most especially a peek at how the cigars are made and produced. With the above-mentioned benefits of tobacco production in Cuba, it is hard to tell whether this will prosper with the new policy or changes in the policy.

One of the most prominent tobacco farms in Cuba is the Montesino which is owned by a certain family located in Pinar el Rio. There's a chance that this will get affected once the new policy will be imposed by no less than U.S. President Donald Trump. With that, people might not be able to even get a Cuba cigar this week.