President Donald Trump is expected to announce some sort of rollback from what Former President Barack Obama has done before with regards to the Cuba policy. As he will announce the said rollback, reports were rife that this would include a reimposition of the travel ban of U.S. to the said communist island.

Apart from the said travel restriction, Washington Times also reported that President Donald Trump might also put a limitation of business interactions between some companies owned by Americans and those which are managed by the Cuban military. With this, it was also claimed that this might gain negative feedbacks from people across the globe.

However, the administration of Donald Trump chose not to give any comment with regards to the content of the speech of the U.S. President this Friday. At first, it was claimed that the said speech will be the culmination of the review of the policy regarding Cuba.

It can be recalled that last November, the advisers of President Donald Trump signaled him to review the policy and will later undo the detente of Former President Barack Obama. But this will only happen if the government of Cuba will decide to deal with the human rights abuses which have been rampant in the said communist nation.

But the U.S. government claimed that since the Cuban government failed to address human rights abuses and restrictions on the freedom of speech, the new and impending policy will push through. With this, it is then expected that there will be a restricted and limited relationship between U.S. and the business in Cuba.

Moreover, it was also claimed on Washington Post that the U.S. government wants to condemn the very oppressive regime in Cuba at the moment. Therefore, President Donald Trump might definitely announce the new policy as well as the changes this Friday.

Despite the impending announcement of Donald Trump regarding the Cuba policy, some analysts said that this can only give way to minor adjustments to what Obama already made before. With this issue, uncertainties escalated as the U.S. government is under a different administration.