The Golden State Warriors will skip the White House invitation to visit President Donald Trump after winning the NBA 2017 Championship. It was then reported that the players of the said power team decided unanimously to make a political statement by shunning the head of the most powerful nation.

After their victory in the recently concluded 2017 NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors did not think twice to shun the invitation of White House. It looked like the NBA team was very vocal about their political stand by skipping their visit to Donald Trump.

Last Monday, The Independent reported that the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers to capture the team's second NBA championship in three years. This time, the team made headlines when it opted not to accept the invitation of White House to pay respect to U.S. President Donald Trump.

It can be recalled that last November, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr promised that his team will boycott the U.S. president if they will win the championship this season. Since they won and captured the title, the team was very firm to stand to what they promised.

Apart from this, key players of Golden State Warrior have been very critical of Donald Trump's presidency like David West, Stephen Curry, and Shaun Livingston. It was found out that the team decided immediately that they will shun the newly-elected president if they will win the championship title.

Besides the Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Journal-Constitution also claimed that members of the NFL Super Bowl champion also skipped the celebration of the White House in order to show protest to Donald Trump. Most celebrities in Hollywood were also very vocal about their criticisms of Donald Trump's policies.

Since Donald Trump assumed the office last January, several rumblings have been reported with regards to players skipping the White House visit due to Donald Trump's unfavorable policies. It has been a tradition for players to attend to White House ceremonial visit but due to the circumstances these days surrounding Trump's presidency that has changed.

Meanwhile, The Golden State Warriors said that no decision has been made regarding a possible White House visit. If the team will receive an invitation from Donald Trump, they will study it.