U.S. President Donald Trump just announced and confirmed that he was actually planning to privatize the air traffic control system of the country. The reason that was reported was based on the president's belief that services will come quickly.

It can be recalled that most passengers have not so good experience in their travels most especially in airports. According to President Trump, the reason for the passengers' bad experiences was due to the poor air traffic control system of the country in which he added was horrible.

CNN reported that U.S. President Donald Trump claimed that the air traffic control system needs to be improved that's why he was proposing to privatize it. He then decided to propose a total shake-up of the air traffic control system of America.

Originally, managing the air control system of the U.S. was dependent on the government but it looks like President Donald Trump would change that. According to the plan and the proposal, this will be managed by a new and private corporation which is non-profit at the same time.

This so-called corporation will be composed of airline and aviation interests which will operate the 300 airport towers in the U.S. It was also reported on Reuters that it will be formed by 13 members who are mostly from the major airline and aviation interests.

Out of the 13 members, the 8 will be appointed by U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao who was also the proponent of the said plan. To make the people accept this proposal, President Donald Trump claimed that most airlines want this kind of program since the 1980s.

Apart from Trump, past U.S. president and leaders also advocated for the privatization of the air traffic control system like Former President Bill Clinton. it can be recalled that this plan was pushed in the 1990s but it failed to get support from the Congress.

If President Donald Trump will be successful in privatizing the U.S. air traffic control system, it will be one of the major transfers of a government asset in the history of America. Moreover, people already spent billions of money in the improvement of these facilities through their taxes.