President Donald Trump just made his first overseas trip of his presidency recently and was able to receive a warm welcome from the foreign countries and the leaders. Now that he is back to Washington, reports were rife that the world leaders he met during his trips were not really pleased with him.

With the latest report, it looks like President Donald Trump created a not-so-good impression among the world leaders. According to USA Today, these leaders he met have varied and blunt reviews of the president of the most powerful country in the world.

It was reported that the leaders of France, Germany, and Israel were all looking forward to distancing themselves from Donald Trump. The reason which was revealed according to the reports was more on domestic consumption. This was confirmed as the American president concluded his nine-day trip to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Brussels, and Vatican City.

Apart from the above-mentioned reason, some claims were told that the conflict emanated from Donald Trump's reluctance to commit to the North Atlantic Alliance. Moreover, reports also escalated that his doubt over the climate change accord which was signed by Former President Obama was also one of the reasons.

Lastly, the pursuit of a Middle East peace agreement through an outreach to Palestinians also created conflict and friction between Donald Trump and the world leaders. It looks like the U.S. government will have a hard time dealing and building ties and relationship with these countries.

Meanwhile, in Europe, The Wall Street Journal claimed that the anti-trump position plays well nationally like in the U.S. People in Europe countries simply do not want the programs that President Trump offered on his table which only means that his trip was not really successful in the said continent.

However, one of Donald Trump's officials said that perhaps this has something to do with how he confronted these world leaders. Knowing the president, he is employing a confrontational way of dealing with the world leaders, unlike the past presidents. But it seems like this did not go well with them.