In the history of NBA, the Golden State Warriors had the greatest playoff which had the team scoring 129-120 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is notably the second title for the Warriors in the last three years. Kevin Durant was the star player, who also received the Bill Russell trophy.

With a score of 129-120, the Golden State Warriors became the NBA champion for the second time in the last three years. The Golden State Warriors defeated Cleveland Cavaliers and created a history in NBA. According to reports from Forbes, the Warriors created a record with a record 16-1 in their playoff in the postseason matches.

Last year, Golden State Warrior could not win the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the team wanted to change their status from a one-time title winner to a dynasty. And for this, they had their star player, Kevin Durant pursued, who ultimately led to the team's second victory.

Moreover, in the history of NBA, Kevin Durant is the sixth player, who scored more than 30 points in the finals. In Game 5, his score was 39 points and he had put up a great game which included a dominant inside, great outside shooting, and fabulous defense. This ultimately helped the team to win the championship, New York Times reported.

In an interview, Durant was also heard saying that he was extremely anxious and had not slept for two nights, thinking about the game. But with the victory, Golden State Warriors prevailed and that too on their floor. After the Golden State Warriors won, it was a little doubtful as to who would receive the Bill Russell trophy. However, it was Durant who received the award from Bill Russell himself. While receiving the trophy, Durant showered praises on his teammates and also his fans.