The fresh "Cars 3" trailer gives viewers a look at Lightning McQueen who is seen pushing his limits to win the races. On the other hand, as the third part of the "Cars" franchise gets ready to hit the theaters, the world premiere of the movie was held at the Anaheim Convention Center where the cast members were also present.

"Cars 3" is releasing this Friday, and before the release, a new "Cars 3" trailer has come out that shows Lightning McQueen competing in a neck-to-neck race, Cinema Blend reported. With "Take it to the Limit" playing in the background, the trailer shows McQueen in different races and in all of them, the hero is being pushed to his limits. He is seen competing with all his might but it is clear that he is lagging behind.

Notably, "Cars 3" is about the comeback journey of Lightning McQueen. After losing his title and suffering a major accident, his reputation is at stake, but he gets a chance to win back his lost prestige and "Cars 3" trailer underlines this very theme of his struggle. Also, the use of Eagle's track has been raising curiosity and fans are keeping their fingers crossed.

Speaking of fans, the world premiere of "Cars 3" was held at the Anaheim Convention Center on Saturday. According to Variety, the star cast of the film was present at the premiere and many young fans congregated at the center to enjoy the upcoming release. The names include Owen Wilson who came with his son, Kerry Washington, Armie Hammer, John Ratzenberger, Cristela Alonzo, Larry, Nathan Fillon and Jenifer Lewis.

Director Brian Fee and executive producer John Lasseter were also present on the occasion and after the opening of "Cars 3" premiere, some lucky fans got a chance to have fun in the Disney California Adventure theme park. They were also treated to a feast and rode the top three attraction of the park.