Melvin Ingram will have his contract with the Los Angeles Chargers renewed and extended for the next four years. The team announced on Sunday that both the sides have agreed to a deal which is worth $66 million.

On Sunday, Los Angeles Chargers made the announcement that to ensure that Melvin Ingram stays with the team, they have agreed to a deal which will have the rusher's contract extended by four years. According to ESPN, the deal is worth $66 million. Sources from the team also reveal that the deal includes a guarantee of $42 million.

Notably, Ingram came under the franchise tag of the Los Angeles Chargers in February and the team was in the process of having the player sign a long term contract. Moreover, the 28-years-old player, as well as the team, had time until July 15 to decide whether they want to enter a long-term contract or else, he would be up in the open market in free agency, NFL reported.

In a span of two years, Ingram scored 18.5 combined sacks and, it must be mentioned here that Ingram was also supported by Joey Bosa and the duo put up a strong defense line for the team. Moreover, the duo also helped the team to climb up the ladder of ranks which was 28 in the year 2015, to rank 16 in 2016. Now, with Bosa's three more years remaining, the duo will be seen playing together for Los Angeles Chargers for a long time as Ingram's contract will be extended for another four years.

However, it remains to be seen, how Ingram performs under Gus Bradley, who is the new defensive coordinator for Los Angeles Chargers. Talking about Ingram, Bradley has said, "With his production and his effort, he's just been a highly productive player. I just think for him it's the opportunity to rush more and be on the line of scrimmage more."