Everyone knows that Salma Hayek refused the dating proposal of Donald Trump but now she has come up with the complete story, revealing how the then-billionaire businessman pursued her. The actress spilled the beans during her appearance on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," disclosing how Trump followed her despite her not being single.

Salma Hayek has revealed the whole story about how Donald Trump made advances towards her and how she turned him down. According to People, the 50-year-old-actress, during her Thursday appearance on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" revealed that the now-President Donald Trump made advances towards her at an event in the presence of her boyfriend.

Salma Hayek said that Trump was sitting behind her and when he saw that she was getting cold, he put his coat over her. He also apologized to her boyfriend and later, took her number as well as her boyfriend's. However, he called her only for a visit to his New Jersey hotel. When she denied his offer saying that she has a boyfriend, he told her that he was not important and not even big enough for her. Trump even tried to coerce her into dating him.

As fans may remember, Salma Hayek had earlier claimed in October that Donald Trump asked her out once and when she turned down his offer, he planted stories in the media saying that he was not going out with her as she was too short. She had also said that Trump even called her denying the stories and by doing this, he probably thought that she would accept his proposal.

It is worth mentioning here that Salma Hayek has been very vocal about President Donald Trump's policy regarding immigrants and his idea of building a wall on the Mexico border. She has opposed him publicly and also suggested him to read "U.S. History for Dummies." Currently, she is married to François-Henri Pinault and also shares a nine-year-old daughter with him.