Julia Stambler is not deterred by Charlie Sheen being infected with HIV. She has also dismissed the warnings of her wary friends saying that they are ignorant and sending a wrong message to the people affected with the disease.

HIV-affected actor Charlie Sheen has been dating model Julia Stambler for several months now and she is not afraid of him being afflicted with the virus. According to TMZ, the 26-year-old model is not scared of the fact that her boyfriend has tested HIV positive. Sources close to the duo say that the two believe that the disease is not a relationship killer and that there are ways to avoid the pitfalls.

It is said that the HIV levels of Charlie Sheen have been also found to be undetectable and that has made Julia more confident about their relationship. Notably, Julia Stambler and Charlie Sheen started dating a few months back and it was his ex-wife Brooke Mueller who introduced the model to her ex-husband.

Notably, Charlie Sheen had admitted to being HIV positive in 2015 when he appeared on the show "Good Morning America." He broke his silence after living with the diagnosis for four years and said that he wanted to stop the false stories. He also admitted that it was his irresponsible lifestyle that led him to contract the virus.

Meanwhile, friends of Julia Stambler have warned her about the consequences of continuing this relationship, Mail Online claimed. They do not favor her but she is not paying any attention to what they have to say. It is said that she has stood up against the naysayers saying that those who are advising her to stay away from Charlie Sheen are ignorant.

She has also said that they are sending a wrong message to the people suffering from the disease. Well, Julia Stambler does seem to have a fearless take on her relationship with Charlie Sheen. No wonder, the ex-wife of the actor is rooting for them.