The relationship of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez has come under the spotlight after an anonymous lover has come to the fore, threatening him with leaking messages that he sent her. Also, it is said that model Lauren Hunter was in touch with the baseball player when he was seeing Jennifer Lopez.

The love life of Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez has been going great guns ever since they started dating but now it is under threat. According to TMZ, an ex-lover is threatening the baseball player to make his racy texts public if he does not fulfill her demands for money. It is said that she used to demand money from Rodriguez after they parted ways and all she got in return was nothing. However, she became adamant when Jennifer Lopez entered his life.

She just would not budge as she saw a golden opportunity in the situation. She must have felt that she could exploit the text messages that Alex Rodriguez allegedly sent her and make it seem like they were still having an affair. However, Rodriguez is not giving in to her demands and his legal reps are also said to be contemplating action against her. As for Lopez, she is said to be with him in this critical time.

Meanwhile, it has come to the light that Alex Rodriguez kept in contact with model Lauren Hunter while he was still dating Jenifer Lopez, Page Six has learned. Sources say that Rodriguez and Hunter would facetime around three to four times in one day and she would also send him explicit pictures and messages. At one time, he asked her to send a video of herself indulging in sexual act.

It is also alleged that Alex Rodriguez had asked Hunter to fly down to Kansas City in May, two months after he went on a vacation with Jennifer Lopez to Bahamas. The model has also claimed that Alex Rodriguez enjoys threesome and they indulged in one such act and he gave her $20,000 in return.