If the Golden State Warriors pulls off the two NBA playoffs, it would be record-breaking. However, it might be a costly proposition for the team as it stands to lose $22 million but at the same time, it gains to win the title as back to back champions.

The Golden State Warriors are just two games away from winning the NBA championship. The first two games of the 2017 NBA Finals were won by the Warriors with double digit scores. According to reports from ESPN, it will be a first time that the Warriors will be sweeping off the playoff, but the cost that the ownership group would have to pay is a whopping $22 million.

The report delves details about the costs and the losses that the Golden State Warriors would have to bear if they go ahead with the NBA playoff with Cleveland Cavaliers. This includes the loss that the team would bear if they would not return to play Game 5 and Game 7 in Bay Area. Notably, team owners prefer to end the series earlier if they are to choose between closing a series or extending it for financial profits.

In similar reports, it has been said that though $22 million is a big amount, it is not that huge for Golden State Warriors, SFGate reported. Moreover, according to a report that was published in February, by Forbes, it has been said that the rank of Golden State Warriors stands at the third position, after New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers in the list of the most valuable teams with $2.6 billion valuations. Moreover, it is the fastest rising team with a growth percentage that stands at 37 percent from last year. However, if Golden State Warriors stands to win the title, all the $22 million will be a thing of the past as the team will get to call itself the back to back champions.