Taylor Swift finally returned to Spotify and Pandora after it was revealed that the singer's full song lists will stream on a lot of platforms. This latest report also marks the expansion of the Grammy-award singer from her Apple's exclusivity.

It can be recalled that Taylor Swift left Spotify and Pandora after a controversial conflict when the singer criticized the live streaming company before. Apart from Swift, reports also indicated that Jay Z's Tidal will also be streamed.

When Taylor Swift left Spotify last 2014, FORBES claimed that the singer granted Apple the full rights for the streaming services of her songs. Therefore, no streaming service handled the singer's songs other than Apple MusicAAPL. The company was then given the rights to sell the downloads.

Moreover, Taylor Swift also benefitted from that since it w learned that Apple agreed to pay the artists royalties even during the free trial months. Even if Taylor's music finally returned to Spotify and Pandora some reports suggested that it was not exactly the case.

It was decided by the management which handles Swift to make all her songs catalog available on streaming services. When her songs were made available to Spotify and Pandora, one of her greatest hits already gained 30,000 subscribers.

As her songs were already made available on Spotify and Pandora, NPR Music reported that her back catalog was available not in full version. It was found out that all her previous pre-2014 albums were available in subscription-only services.

It can be recalled that last 2014, Taylor Swift shared in an op-ed she wrote that music should not be made for free. This was the time when Spotify also kept a no-exceptions policy on "windowing" which is a lot different from exclusives.

The reason why Taylor Swift and her team pulled her songs catalog from Spotify last 2014 was that of the issue on windowing. According to them, this was a way of robbing from the artists and their labels.