Tom Hiddleston might not be over yet when it comes to his former love Taylor Swift as reports are escalating that he is still in love with the singer. If this is really true then there is a possibility that people will witness another chapter of Hiddleswift.

A lot of fans, as well as people, were shocked when news of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift dating exploded in the media and the public. Some claimed that these two are unlikely couple considering the fact that the singer's split from Calvin Harris was still fresh that time.

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift only dated for three months which qualifies for a very swift romance as per E! News. But within those months, people were witnesses to how these two were so in love with each other by traveling the world together, meeting each other's family plus Tom wearing a shirt declaring his love for T-Swift. Moreover, the former couple also lived together for many weeks which can be considered first for the singer.

That's why it was so shocking that Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift pulled the plug on their relationship for so short a time. Some reports were telling that the cause of the split was because of the fact that the t5wo started their relationship very seriously. Moreover, it seemed like everything went fast in their romance and relationship.

But some also claimed that the reason for the split was due to Tom Hiddleston's persistence to bring Taylor Swift as his date in one of the awarding events in Hollywood. It has been reported that the singer is not into the idea of exposing their relationship so much in public.

And now, it looks like Hiddleswift's reconciliation is happening in the future. Latest reports were suggesting that Tom Hiddleston is very protective of his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift even in social media. Whenever some of his fans would bash the singer, he will automatically block them from his list of followers.

If that is the case, this means that Tom Hiddleston is still harboring a feeling for Taylor Swift. Anyway, nothing is wrong if in case the two will reconcile and reunite.