Katy Perry has broken her silence over her rumored feud with Taylor Swift, as she admitted to being embroiled in one on "The Late Late Show." She acknowledged having a beef with Taylor and also detailed the whole story that led to the fight.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been rumored to have been in a feud and now the confirmation has come from Perry. According to Jezebel, "The Late Late Show" on Monday night brought out the big revelation as James Corden broached the topic with the "Roar" singer during the Carpool Karaoke segment. Surprisingly, Perry addressed the question head-on revealing that backup dancers were the reason for their fight.

Katy Perry also said that she tried clearing the matter with Taylor Swift but she did not take her call. Shedding light on the matter, Perry said that three backup dancers went on a tour with Taylor but before going they had talked to her and she allowed them saying that they should be ready for any contingency as she may need them to which they agreed.

Sometime later, Katy Perry needed them and thus, the dancers talked to the management only to get fired. When she tried to sort out things with Taylor, she refused to speak. Nevertheless, Perry said that she is still open to reconciliation and a simple text would resolve everything. Well, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were on good terms with each other from 2009 to 2014, claimed Entertainment Weekly.

However, when Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" released and she said that it was about a woman who she would like to avoid, tongues started wagging. It became worse when Katy Perry responded to Swift's words through a tweet indicating that she would not sit silently if her character will be defamed. After that, the two were seen taking digs at each other directly and indirectly many a time.

It is 2017 and now things are clear, at least Katy Perry would have her fans believe so. Still, it remains to be seen if Taylor Swift has something to say about the confession.