Katy Perry just opened up about her rumored feud with former friend Taylor Swift in her latest interview. The singer then revealed how she reacted when T-Swift released her song, "Bad Blood" which, according to reports was a song intended to Perry.

Reports were rife that Katy Perry already broke her silence with regards to her relationship with Taylor Swift. It can be recalled that the two were not in good terms as told by previous reports for reasons only the two of them knew. Then the feud was ignited and it became apparent with Taylor single, "Bad Blood."

Lately, Katy Perry just graced Entertainment Weekly for an interview and was asked regarding her future music and upcoming albums. Then the topic suddenly shifted to whether she will also release a song in response to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood."

According to the singer, all of the songs in her new album are mostly are empowered cuts and not any of those songs is directed to someone or a diss song. Katy Perry also added that calling out any person using one of her songs is not her type.

To shed light on the issue, Katy Perry also mentioned that most of the tracks in her latest album are all about her life, her experiences, and her journey. Therefore, there are no songs intended for Taylor Swift or any sort of that matter. What is certain is that the album is not about anyone else.

According to E! News, Katy Perry gave a significant remark when she said that instead of fighting, women should come together and unite to make this world a better place. This only means that she is avoiding reigniting her apt issues with Taylor Swift.

With the latest report, fans hope that like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift will also learn to move on finally from their issue. Meanwhile, Katy also shared that she wrote a total of 40 songs on the album but only 15 will be featured which include "Chained to the Rhythm".