Taylor Swift just recalled a very sweet story about her good friend and musician, Ed Sheeran. She did this as she penned an important and sweet essay about him for TIME's 100 Most Influential list. T-Swift recounted a sweet story about her friend during one of his low moments.

According to the latest report, Taylor Swift went back to the moment when she lifted Ed Sheeran's spirit up since the latter had been feeling that he will not be successful. Ed said to her that he will not win a Grammy but she contradicted this and responded that he will sweep the whole thing in one of these years.

And Taylor Swift's faith was realized when Ed Sheeran won Song of the Year at Grammy's Award 2016 with his song, "Thinking out Loud." Before that, she even recalled the moment when Ed approached her and let her listen to that song which became a big hit.

As per Teen Vogue, Taylor Swift penned the sweet essay about Ed Sheeran just last April 20 which was needed for the TIME'S Most Influential list. The "Shake it off" hitmaker also added that his friend, a two-time Grammy winner is full of hopes. She further shared that Ed is a kind of guy who is not easily affected by any impediment but will use that as his enthusiasm to help him endure that.

It can be recalled that the friendship of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran started when the two first toured together last 2011. It did not end there since Ed also opened for her Red Tour way back 2013. Upon recalling that Red Tour, Ed said that it was so far the most amazing tour in the world. As an appreciation, he also said that Taylor can just handle any problem she encounters aside from being the most famous woman in the world making her omnipresent.

However, lately, reports escalated that Taylor Swift was secretly disappointed with Ed Sheeran since it looked like he started to develop a friendship with Katy Perry. Until now, no reports would confirm that issue so fans would just assume that all is well between the two great musicians of this generation.