While Anna Duggar may have forgiven her philandering husband Josh Duggar, her elder sister Rebekah McDonald went against her family's conservative norms and filed for divorce from her husband Joshua McDonald. On the other side, sister-in-law Jill Duggar announced the name of her soon-to-arrive second baby on social media.

Anna Duggar, wife of Josh Duggar, also comes from a conservative Christian family but her elder sister is not as religious and conservative like her. According to reports, Rebekah McDonald, elder sister to Anna, has ended her marriage with her husband Joshua McDonald. She filed for divorce after some years of being married and has also demanded complete custody of her two children. Now, this is shocking given her conservative background and her younger's sister behavior.

As fans know, Anna Duggar not only kept quiet after it came out that Josh Duggar was involved in molestation and cheating but also remained by his side. As of now, she is pregnant with their fifth child and has tried her best to avoid the media glare after the scandal. So, her sister's actions do seem revolutionary and everyone is wondering how would the Kellers, the family of Rebekah and Anna, react.

On the other hand, Anna's sister-in-law Jill Duggar is all set to welcome her second baby with husband Derick Dillard in July but she has already announced the name on social media, People claimed. The 26-year-old Duggar took to Twitter to announce what she and husband Derick plan to name their baby. The couple made it known that they plan to name their second baby Samuel Scott Dillard.

As fans may know, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard had said after their marriage in 2014 that they want to have as many kids as God decides to bless them with. Duggar had said that her parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle had kept bringing kids one after another and she wants to see how her and Derick's fertility would bloom.