The Myanmar army aircraft that went missing on Wednesday has been found. The wreckage of the plane and bodies were found by the search team in the Andaman Sea, around 40 miles away from the Myeik Air Base. It is speculated that it was the bad weather that led to the aircraft's crash.

On Thursday morning, the wreckage of the Myanmar army plane that went missing on Wednesday was found in the Andaman Sea. The military transport aircraft had 122 people on board that included 106 soldiers and their families as well as a team of 14 crew members. The aircraft took off on Wednesday from the Myeik Air Base, at 1:06 p.m. However, when the plane was flying over the Andaman Sea, it lost contact, ABS CBN reported.

The Navy, as well as the air force, had deployed ships and planes in search of the missing military aircraft, which was to land in Yangon before it disappeared. According to reports from New York Times, 10 bodies of people have so far been found, however, it is not yet known whether there are any survivors.

Notably, the military aircraft was a China made Y-8, that was purchased last year from China National Aero-Technology Import and Export. The company has agreed to extend full support for investigating the case. The Y-8 aircraft is widely used for transporting, investigating as well as searching and rescuing in the case of air disasters.

It must be mentioned here that the death toll of this air disaster in Myanmar is the highest as the plane is said to have 122 people on board and there are no reports of survivors. However, it is not the first air crash in Myanmar. Since the year 1988, the country has witnessed 17 air crashes, totaling a death toll of 105 people and Myanmar is also said to have a low air safety record.