Colin Trevorrow has spoken up about "Star Wars: Episode IX" and how they are moving on with it after the demise of Carrie Fisher. The director has admitted to finding it difficult to work without Fisher but he also said that they are working hard to give a respectful treatment to the film so that it becomes a fitting farewell to the late actress.

Colin Trevorrow has shed light on "Star Wars: Episode IX" and how they are moving forward with the project in the absence of Carrie Fisher. According to ComicBook, the director spoke about the late actress and said that her character was to play a major role in the film and it is not a secret. So, when the news of her death arrived, the whole Star Wars family was shocked. More so, because they loved her immensely.

So, her absence indeed affects "Star Wars: Episode IX" but Trevorrow has also admitted that their options have been restricted by none but themselves as they are only ready to do certain things. However, he did guarantee that they would handle the film with the due respect that the soul of Carrie Fisher deserves. As fans may know, Kathleen Kennedy, the President of Lucasfilm, has already said that Fisher would have played a huge role in "Star Wars: Episode IX" had she been alive, Slash Film has learned.

Talking about Carrie Fisher, Kennedy had said that the actress had told her that she better be at the center stage in Episode IX as Harrison grabbed the spotlight in Episode VII and Mark in VIII. Fisher was very eager about Episode IX being her movie and had she survived the heart attack that took her away last year in Dec, she would have been definitely at the forefront.

It is well known that her character Princess Leia was set to return in a larger role in "Star Wars: Episode IX" but now that she is no more, the narrative has changed. Makers have also said that they would not recreate her through CGI, something that they did with Peter Cushing in Rogue One. "Star Wars: Episode IX" is scheduled to premiere on May 24, 2019.