According to the Pentagon, a new batch of arm has been sent to the Kurdish fighters, who are terminating the ISIS militants in Raqqa. The shipment that has been sent to the Syrian Kurds includes arms like AK-47, machine guns as well as other weapons.

In an effort to accomplish the final attack on Raqqa, the Islamic States' de facto capital, the United States is arming the Syrian Kurds. According to reports from New York Times, the first shipment that has been sent by the United States to Syria includes weapons like small arms like the AK-47, machine guns of both small caliber and heavy guns, anti-tank weapons as well as other arms, the Pentagon has confirmed. And, the military officials feel that the weapons will be required to help the Kurdish and Arab fighters, combat with the Islamic State militants in Raqqa and a spokesperson of the military, Col. Ryan S. Dillon has said, "The U.S.-led coalition has begun issuing arms and equipment to Kurdish elements of the S.D.F."

However, Independent reported that the news has caused a lot of anxiety in Ankara. Moreover, Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Turkish Foreign Minister has termed it as a "mistake" since it could be a dangerous step posing threat to Syria's unity and territorial integrity. It is worth mentioning here that even Barack's Obama's administration, had extended a quiet support to the Kurdish fighters. This is due to the fact that this is viewed as an operative ground against the ISIS.

Notably, this comes after the United States President Donald Trump's administration announced that the Kurdish militants will be backed by America with weapons to fight the ISIS militants. But, for many years, Turkey had expressed their objection since they consider the Kurdish fighters to be terrorists. Moreover, Turkey's National Security Council has also expressed concern over this action as it was not something that was suitable a coalition.