"American Made" trailer is out in the open and it is a delight for fans of Tom Cruise as the actor is back to being the daring action hero. He plays a drug-smuggling pilot in the film and seems very impressing as the suave anti-hero.

Tom Cruise is back with a bang and this time in the avatar of a drug-smuggling pilot. According to DigitalTrends, the 54-year-old-actor seems every bit charming in the "American Made" trailer that released yesterday and it sees him pulling off the cocky anti-hero with great élan. Around two-and-a-half minutes in length, the trailer video hints at the saga of an American pilot who is working for the DEA, CIA and Pablo Escobar.

Exuding trademark Tom Cruise style, the 'American Made' trailer shows the actor crash landing a plane on a street with cocaine strewn all over his body. Then he quickly runs away from the spot but not before throwing out a bundle of cash to an onlooker to undo the damage. Set in the 1980s, "American Made" is about the adventures of a pilot named Barry Seal and this action-thriller is directed by Doug Liman of "The Bourne Identity" fame.

Speaking of Liman, the director told the media at a London conference that he found the script of "American Made" highly attractive as it portrayed Seal as a cocky anti-hero, CNET claimed. Not only this, he also revealed his personal connection with the film and said that his father Arthur Liman was the chief advisor to the US Senate when the latter started an investigation into the Iran-Contra scandal that took place during the 80s at the time of President Ronald Reagan.

Doug Liman said that he remembers his father coming home late at night and giving a good laugh to the outrageous things he bore witness to during the day. The director also revealed that he made the "American Made" writer take out some parts from the film as they were highly outrageous. He also recounted the daredevilry of Tom Cruise during an aerial shooting segment when the actor landed a plane at night just by following the headlights of a truck.