The US has announced a ban on electronic devices on flights from eight Muslim majority countries. Passengers are not allowed to carry large electronics from cabin baggage in passenger flights. The Department of Homeland Security stated that extremists are seeking innovative methods to bring down jets.

This has been taken into consideration for the safety measures of the country, further bombs could be hidden in laptops, cameras, tablets, DVD players and electronic games. Large electronic devices will only be allowed on board in checked baggage, at this moment mobile phones are exempt from the new rules.

According to BBC, this measure will affect 9 airlines operating out of 10 airports. Some of the airlines included are Etihad Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian and Saudi Arabian Airlines. US officials made an announcement to the airlines giving 96 hours to ban devices bigger than a mobile phone or smart phone from cabins.

The ban will be in effect soon and there is nothing known about an end date for now. Some of the major affected airports are Dubai International, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait International Airport and Queen Alia International. Turkey and North Africa would also be required to follow the new rules.

It turns out that the airports in the Middle East and North Africa are the ones with a close friendly relation with Washington. Hence, this could be seen as a drastic and unpopular measure. The Gulf Arab business leaders will not be able to work on their laptops during their flight to the US.

The DHS made a clear statement saying that this is a security measure and the government is concerned about terrorists. Terrorists groups seem to continue targeting commercial aviation, John Kelly the Homeland Security Secretary summoned members of the Congress over the weekend to explain the security issues behind the ban.