Lebron James just sparked debate regarding how he just surpassed the greatness of the legend Michael Jordan in terms of points earned during the Playoffs. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers star player said that he is not really interested in putting himself up as the greatest NBA player.

It was reported previously that Lebron James considered his chase of Michael Jordan's accomplishments as more on personal motivations rather than to beat any player in the history of NBA. In fact, he said that this will serve also as an inspiration to the future generation of players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers just snatched the championship title in the Eastern Conference Finals and will face the Golden State Warriors for the NBA Finals. According to Fox News, Lebron James spoke to the fans as well as the interviewers last Thursday before the team played the Boston Celtics in the Game 5. If the team advances to the finals, this would make James hold a seventh consecutive trip to the NBA Finals.

In the said morning shootaround, Lebron James made it clear that his goal is not really about passing Michael Jordan in titles or awards as MVP. With the latest reports, Lebron just overtook Jordan as the post-season's leading scorer. With 40 more points, he will be making his way also to become the first NBA player in history to score 6, 000 points during the playoffs.

Despite being compared to Jordan, Lebron James shared that his goal is about leaving a legacy and to motivate the future generation of basketball players. He is not after beating any player in the league not even surpassing the NBA legend Michael Jordan.

According to the Cleveland Cavaliers star player, his personal goal is to keep himself motivated and nothing more. Business Insider reported that he leaves the debate as to the greatest NBA player to the fans as well as to the sports analysts; this doesn't even matter to him.

To that end, Lebron James observed that the greatness topic and conversations are discussed only in the NBA and not in other sports like NFL or softball. He added then that this discussion is more suitable for barbershops and not in formal context.