NBA has a new all-time scorer and it is LeBron James of Cleveland Cavaliers. Thursday's Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against Boston Celtics saw James scoring 35 points and he crossed Michael Jordan to become the new scoring leader.

Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals saw LeBron James crossing Michael Jordan to become the new all-time leading playoff scorer of NBA. According to NBA, it was a deep 3-pointer that he took from the leg wing when only 2:40 was remaining in the third quarter, which led the Cavaliers to win the game on Thursday against Boston Celtics. This victory also marks the third consecutive year for Cleveland Cavaliers to reach the NBA finals.

Notably, it was this shot that earned him 29 points for the game and his total points for postseason career stood at 5,989. And, with this, he also crossed Michael Jordan's score of 5,987, which remained untouched for 19 years. James made this point while playing in 212 games since his debut and Jordan made this score, while he played in 179 playoff games.

Well, LeBron James has been on a spree of taking over the positions that were taken up by other players since April, when the playoffs started, Bleacher Report reported. First, he toppled Kobe Bryant from his No. 3 position for overall, and then he captured the No. 2 position of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and now he passed the legend, Michael Jordan.

It must be mentioned here that with this 4-1 series win of the Cavaliers gives the team a 12-1 record and it is also the third consecutive time that the team makes it to face Golden State, the Western Conference champion. It will also be James' seventh trip to the finals and the Cavaliers coach, Tyronn Lue is very happy as it is a great achievement for both James as well as for the team.