Even after an extended break of 10 days, the winning form of Cleveland Cavaliers was not something to worry about as Wednesday saw the team crushing the Bolton Celtics in Game 1 of Eastern Conference finals series. And it was LeBron James, who led the team towards a victory with 117-104 points.

Game 1 of Eastern Conference finals series between Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, held on Wednesday saw the Cavaliers winning the game with 117-104 points. The Cavs took the advantage of their home court and in the first quarter itself, they were leading with 30-19 points and even in the third quarter, the score stood at 71-43, USA Today reported. The Celtics struggled after a slow start and even after the coach tweaking lineups, it was the Cavaliers who overpowered them and won the game.

Notably, like any other Cavaliers' game, this one too had LeBron James ruling the court. He played with great ease, employed all his skills and after his 14th NBA season, he has only shown signs of improving by the day. His scored 38 points within 42 minutes of the game.

According to reports from NBA, James' amazing game even had the Celtics' coach, Brad Stevens appreciating him. He also stated, "I didn't think he could get any better after that, but he is. He's a good player. Great player."

However, James feels that they did not play that well on Wednesday. He was heard saying that there were several instances where they missed the opportunity to score or when they could have done a better job.

It is worth mentioning here that the last game that the Cavaliers played prior to Wednesday's game was 10 days back and since then the team has been on a break. But this break did not deter them from quickly recovering and putting up a performance that clearly gave out the message that there is nothing that can slow down the team.