Lebron James had a rough game during the Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals as the Boston Celtics stole the game from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs had the difficulty beating Celtics in the last game as Lebron just scored 11 points, six rebounds, and six assists.

It was reported that Lebron James has an off night once in a while in his games even though he is regarded by many as the NBA player who never fails his team. But it looks like his timing was not great at all when they faced Boston Celtics in the Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

According to USA Today, Lebron James confronted a reporter, Kenny Roda of the WHBC who asked him if he had not gotten into a rhythm or he had a hard time dealing with the Boston Celtics defense. It seemed like James was irritated by the question that's why he gave Roda a not-so-nice reply.

With that, Lebron James responded that he was simply pretty poor during the Game and suddenly asked Roda if there are still things he needs to say. The Cleveland Cavaliers star player also noticed that Kenny Rod only asked questions when the team loses which according to James, is a weird thing.

But the reporter did not mind Lebron James' answer that time; instead, he took his side and opinion on his social media. According to Kenny, he already witnessed 4 out of 5 home playoffs games of Cavaliers this year plus last year. He also added that irrespective of whether the team wins or loses, he's still there to watch.

Apart from the reporter, CBS Sports reported that Lebron James also confronted one fan who chastised him before his postgame press conference. Lebron was already making his way into the room when a fan asked him for just contributing 11 points in Game 3. Then James asked him to repeat the question and the fan also repeated what he asked emphasizing on the 11 points.

After repeating the question, Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James approached the fan and asked him what he has ever done and accomplished. With this, the fan answered that he also played before at Hiram College located in Ohio.

After their struggling loss to the Boston Celtics, the Cleveland Cavaliers hopes that Game 4 will be in their favor. Lebron James was certain that something was missing during the Game 3 for the Western Conference Finals as it was also an off night for him.