Lebron James just shared that he sensed Kevin Love's breakout game in Game 1 as the Cleveland Cavaliers won over the Boston Celtics. With the start of the Eastern Conference Finals, James was very open in saying that Love came through them as the team snatched the victory in Game 1.

With the recent reports, Lebron James could feel that Kevin love's breakout game is coming and is manifesting early. He then added that he wanted to have Love regain his mentality when he was still playing with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to ESPN, Lebron James said that he was already aware of what type of game Kevin Love was going to have during the Game 1 against the Celtics. With this, he further shared that he knew Love came through the Cavaliers players.

The Cleveland Cavaliers just snatched Game 1 victory over the Boston Celtics with 117-104 win. Apart from Lebron James, Kevin Love also contributed to the big win by scoring a career playoff-best 32 points with 12 rebounds.

When he was asked about his performance in the Game 1, Kevin Love just said that he did not even think about it. Perhaps, he drew inspiration and strength from the incident which happened a couple of years ago when he had an injury. The said injury did not allow him to play in the Eastern Conference finals when the Cleveland Cavaliers was on the road.

More than that, Kevin love added that with Game 1 win, he credited the team's success to the team telling that they got off to a great start. Besides, with Lebron James heading the team, the Cleveland Cavaliers players really focused on their game plan.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers is preparing for the Game 2 as the Eastern Conference Finals continues. Cleveland reported that the team is willing to give up some important and open shots in order to take Boston Celtics' Isaiah Thomas out of the playoffs.

Apart from that, the Cleveland Cavaliers is also focusing on repetition and communication to improve their defense. With Lebron James and Kevin Love in the team, they are also considering several scoring options to employ for Game 2.