The Duggars are back in the news and this time it is an incident from the past that is making waves. Four Duggar sisters have filed a court case against the police officials and In Touch magazine for revealing confidential documents regarding the molestation they underwent at the hands of their brother Josh Duggar.

The much-controversial Josh Duggar molestation case has again reared its head as four of the Duggar sisters have filed a case against the police officials and In Touch magazine, claimed TMZ. The sisters have complained that the revelation of the documents has caused them much mental anguish. When they had testified before the investigative officials, they were minors and the officials had assured them that the information provided by them would stay confidential.

However, all of it has been violated. Notably, In Touch magazine obtained all the confidential information in 2015 by filing a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The magazine later published as many as eight stories related to the case and the sisters Jill, Jinger, Jessa and Joy claim that the stories led to unwanted scrutiny of their family. They also allege that the police official went against the law as the Arkansas laws do not allow disclosure of information regarding child molestation.

So, now the sisters have filed a case against both the parties for giving away their identities, claimed USA Today. However, they have said that they are doing this only to protect children who have been victims of sexual misconduct. The sisters have asked for an undisclosed compensation and also demanded punitive action against the two parties.

As fans remember, 2015 saw a major controversy engulfing the popular Duggar family when it came to the light that the eldest son of the family Josh Duggar had molested his four sisters and a baby sister. His porn addiction was also revealed and it led to major trouble for the family. Their show "19 Kids and Counting" got canceled and the family came under attack from media circles.