With "Wonder Woman" all set to arrive in theaters in one month, talks about the sequel of the film have also started doing the rounds. Zack Snyder has said that Warner Bros. is working on the idea and plans are afoot. However, it is yet to be seen if Patty Jenkins will get to direct the second part as well.

Now that only one month is left in the release of "Wonder Woman," fans are excited to watch the film but they may also get to watch its sequel in future. According to Screen Rant, Zack Snyder has said that Warner Bros. is working on the idea. He broke the good news at the premiere of "Wonder Woman" in Shanghai saying that a second film on the female superhero is in the offing.

However, he did not reveal any other details. Still, fans are thankful for this tidbit because the trailer of the film has already received good reviews. The predictions also indicate at "Wonder Woman" becoming a commercial success, Slash Film has learned. And, "Wonder Woman" might just give DC Extended Universe the breakthrough it is looking at.

Would Patty Jenkins return for the second part as well? Notably, Jenkins has previously expressed that she would love to do a sequel and has also shared her plans as to what she intends to do with the Amazonian princess.

Moreover, her work has received positive response from viewers as well as critics. The trailer is already a hit. So, if all goes well between Jenkins and Warner Bros. fans can certainly look forward to a "Wonder Woman" part two with Jenkins as the director. "Wonder Woman" arrives in theaters on June 2.