Brad Pitt has finally broken his silence over his controversial life. The actor has cleared the air about his alcoholic past and admitted that he is in a better place at present. The best thing is that he is focused on his children and wants to get into film production.

Ever since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, speculations have been rife about Brad Pitt's rampant ways but now the actor has spoken about his personal life, AOL has claimed. In a recent interview, the "Allied" actor admitted that he was a hardcore alcoholic and has been boozing ever since he got out of college. However, the last six months have been a relief as he has been able to control his addiction a great deal.

Brad Pitt also said that he is happy that he has succeeded in shunning his vices and admitted that he does not have any secrets. In fact, he believes that it is part of being human and he finds the human condition highly interesting. He also feels that it is important to talk about it. Notably, Brad Pitt has been reportedly depressed after splitting with Angelina Jolie and took to art classes to get out of it.

Going by this latest interview, it is indicated that he has improved as he said that he has been talking to Jolie to find out the best course of action for their children, Fox News has learned. Brad Pitt clearly said that his kids are his biggest priority and they are taking all his focus, and he is totally fine with it as he is spending most of his time on keeping his family together.

He joked that he is not suicidal and feels that there is lot of love in the world. Talking about his career, Brad Pitt said that his film "War Machine" is very close to his heart but he wants to move into production as he is growing older and does not enjoy being in the forefront that much.