Kendall Jenner is stealing hearts in her latest photo shoot that sees the supermodel posing for La Perla's unique Pre-Fall campaign in sexy lingerie and outfits with eye-catching backgrounds. The vibrant campaign has been designed by Julia Haart and she has taken inspiration from the artwork of Peter Max and Georgia O'Keeffe.

Kendall Jenner is intriguing fans with her new sexy photo shoot. According to E! News, the supermodel has stripped down for La Perla's colorful campaign and it has her posing against psychedelic backgrounds that are a cocktail of fashion, pop art, and modernism. Designed by La Perla creative director Julia Haart, it draws inspiration from works of Peter Max and Georgia O'Keeffe and shows Jenner in a very different light.

In the press release offered by the brand, it is said that Kendall Jenner has been portrayed like Dorothy who enters the colorful world of Oz. Praising the model, the release says that she reflects the certainty and self-assurance of a real heroine and owns her world with empowered femininity and confidence.

The release further states that the aim of the photo shoot was to take the viewers to a world of art, color and fantasy. So, it had eye-popping visuals, featuring Kendall Jenner in her sporting quirky outfits. Having coupled with the scintillating backdrop and her drop-dead gorgeous looks, the entire visual was created to look like a treat for the eyes.

As for Julia Haart, she believes that beauty has a deep connection with feeling confident in one's own skin. She also thinks that outfits should not limit a woman and should empower her instead. Revealing more about her campaign, she said that she wants women to be feminine feminists and feels that one does not need to become masculine to be called a feminist. She also exhorted the women to own their soft and sensuous side.