As North Korea is facing backlash because of its nuclear tests programs, another controversy is clouding the country because of certain man-made islands. With the latest reports, it was claimed that these islands will serve as testing sites for the country's missile launch.

Reports escalated that man-made islands were discovered just 70 miles northwest of Pyongyang. It was also uncovered in the said discovery that the artificial islands are home to military installations are said to be under development and construction for five years.

According to Fox News, these artificial islands could serve as missile testing site of North Korea. This made the place suspicious more so that the country is in the middle of an issue concerning its nuclear testing programs. With this, an author even said that this suspicion may not be far from the truth.

While other countries are doing ways to stop North Korea's nuclear testing programs, it was claimed that the country is not yet done with its evil missions. Reports suggested that these man-made islands contain facilities which will be utilized for bad deeds and provocation of any kind. This might incite trouble with any country in the near future.

The man-made islands also feature strategic location since it is just near the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. This also made it more suspicious as the new islands are home to many facilities that are used to launch missiles.

Some reports were claiming that North Korea is just imitating China which also built man-made islands for them to stock their missiles. Perhaps, North Korea got an idea from this powerful country as the reported islands will also be used for the country's missile testing.

However, this report has been refuted by some as people should not put so much focus on these man-made islands. According to Express, a North Korean political science professor even said that these islands do not give so much threat to other countries like the U.S. That's why there is no need to worry abbot the risk of these artificial islands.

Besides, reports were also rife that these man-made islands are too small to move and accommodate missiles. North Korea is said to be developing the island not for missile testing but for civilian use.