China might be imposing its own sanctions if North Korea will still continue its nuclear testing. And with the latest report, the country is likely planning to stop the importation of crude oil to North Korea if the latter will not heed their suggestion.

It was reported before that U.S. pushed China to impose diplomatic sanctions on North Korea over its continuous nuclear testing. With this, China reportedly promised to employ steps in order for North Korea to stop their nuclear testing.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the White House issued a statement that China might stop supplying North Korea with crude oil. If this happens, this will really threaten North Korea's economy. But some experts were telling that China will be affected too.

Reports were telling that China will be dealing with an oil embargo which will surely affect the stability of North Korea. The reports also added that instead of two or three-month oil embargo, the United Nations is thinking of more than that which will really cause a major impact on the oil reserves of the said country.

If China will also employ the said action and sanction, this will really destabilize the government of Kim Jong-un. Express UK reported that this will also be a nightmare for the North Korea's leader who is really determined to continue with its nuclear testing unmindful of what the other countries are suggesting.

China still needs the mandate of the United Nations in order to fully take new actions against North Korea. But since United Nations is also considering the same step, there is a possibility that China will mull over oil sanctions for Pyongyang and the whole North Korea.

It can be recalled that before, China had given its support for North Korea's regime stability in order to prevent refugee crisis. But with the latest reports on nuclear testing, China might likely treat both regime stability and denuclearization of North Korea the same way.