China is said to be imposing its unilateral sanctions on North Korea if the latter will launch another missile test after the first one. Moreover, apart from North Korea, China also strongly opposes the launching of THAAD or the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense.

It was reported that Rex Tillerson, the U.S. Secretary of State claimed that China will be imposing threats to North Korea if ever the latter will launch another missile. According to him, China is serious in telling that it will impose unilateral sanctions if North Korea will conduct another nuclear test as per Strait Times.

Tillerson further said that China will impose sanctions on its own but he did not mention what are these specific sanctions just to influence North Korea to stop its nuclear test program. If China is really up to this, then this will their most challenging and toughest action against North Korea.

Even if the U.S. released those pieces of information, still there are no reports that could confirm that China really told them this. Up to this time, the media, as well as important organizations, are waiting for Beijing's comments and remarks to verify these statements.

Apart from the unilateral sanctions, China is likely to stop its oil shipments to North Korea as a campaign against the latter's nuclear test programs. But some experts were telling that China needs to go over on this one since their economy will also be affected once this will be implemented as per Reuters.

Meanwhile, China is also opposing the deployment of the Terminal high Altitude Area Defense in South Korea. It can be recalled that China already asked for stopping the operation of some South Korean businesses in their country most especially those ones of Lotte Group.

If this is the case, still it is not clear whether China would really imperil its relationship with its neighboring countries just to influence them on their nuclear test programs. However, it this is true, and then China is up for a big dispute with North Korea.