Ben Affleck just moved out from their home with Jennifer Garner days after the two filed for divorce. It can be recalled that the two announced their separation ay back 2015 but it was last April 13 when they officially filed for the divorce.

Reports were escalating that Ben Affleck has moved into his new house in Los Angeles after leaving their home with Jennifer Garner. Despite this, he made sure that he is still close to his family as his new home is just near their family house.

According to PEOPLE, both Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner want to make sure that their children are feeling comfortable while they go through the divorce proceedings. They made it clear even when they separated last 2015 that their priority is their three kids.

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation last 2015, many wondered why they still did not file for divorce. Some were speculating that perhaps that two were still trying to fix things and to give things another try. Some even said that Jen was giving Ben another chance as the latter went into rehab for his alcohol addiction treatment.

Even if the two already separated, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner went out for dates and they even spent times with their children. They were always spotted out of town with their kids. With this, it was mentioned that perhaps, the two were just trying to test things in order to solve what needs to be repaired in their marriage.

However, as it was not surprising anymore, many were still left frustrated when Jennifer Garner filed for divorce last April 13. On the other hand, Ben Affleck responded with the filing which appeared like the two have talked first before the filing. Mail Online reported that the reason cited for divorce paper was irreconcilable differences.

Lately, Ben Affleck has been reported to have been dating someone new after his divorce with Jennifer Garner. But it looks like this is just a plain rumor since his focus is on his kids.