Ben Affleck was seen at the AutFest International Film Festival on Sunday after he and Jennifer Garner filed for divorce a few days back. At the event, the actor opened up about his career in Hollywood and what he thinks of his children taking up the acting profession.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner filed for divorce in a week back on Sunday. The "Batman Vs. Superman" actor attended the AutFest International Film Festival in Orange, marking his first public appearance post the divorce filing. According to People, the actor was felicitated at the festival for his role in "The Accountant" and he also participated in a chat session where he talked about his children taking up acting as a career.

Ben Affleck said that he would not want his children to venture into acting until they are 18. If they do so after they are 18 then it is fine with him. The reason he was reluctant was because he had gotten into the acting field when he was a child and as a child actor he knew the downside of the profession. However, he admitted that he would not have been what he is today if he had not been a child actor.

Ben Affleck made it clear that he had had some great rewards because of his early start. Still, he would prefer his children being in the school play and take the plunge after 18. Talking about his long career in the industry, the 44-year-old-actor revealed that he managed to survive because of his thick skin as success and failure are two sides of being a performer and one is continuously being evaluated.

It is worth mentioning here that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have filed for divorce by mutual consent and their three children still remain their first priority and they will continue to focus on their future.