Ben Affleck reportedly dating a mystery woman after he and Jennifer Garner made their separation official by filing for divorce just last week. It has been two years since the couple announced their separation last 2015.

Some reports are telling that Ben Affleck is considering his self as a new man after he moved out from their home and from his children with Jennifer Garner. After announcing their separation last 2015, it has been reported already that the two were living in separate rooms and now the actor just left their home as per TMZ.

Reports were claiming that Ben Affleck has been looking forward to his new life as a bachelor and is ready to date again. Even if they separated way back 2015, still the tow went out together with their children and in some instances only the two of them even for a dinner date. It can be recalled that he even referred to Jen as his wife during one of his interview before.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the reason Jennifer Garner still stuck around for him was because of his stint in the rehab. Ben Affleck underwent a rough battle fighting his addiction in alcohol. Then just lately, it has been reported that his rehab treatment was successful. Because of that, many of the fans hoped that his marriage and relationship with his wife will be fixed too.

Even if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner did not file for divorce immediately after announcing their separation last 2015, the two are said to be living separate lives already. And now that things are already official, the former couple are putting more efforts to move on.

It has been reported too that their divorce will be finalized after six months or even more than that. Moreover, reports were telling that the divorce might take a long time before it will be settled considering the amount of property they have which they never discussed dividing up during separation.