Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck just filed for divorce lately and with this, their efforts of reconciliation have come to an end. It has been reported that there is indeed a real reason why the actress decided to end the relationship despite the attempts of reconciling.

According to some reports, Jennifer Garner's real reason for not taking Ben Affleck back has something to do with how the current problem and trouble the actor is experiencing. There is no doubt that Jen still loves him that much but she can no longer salvage the relationship which started with Ben's rehab stint.

Though reports have confirmed before that Ben Affleck underwent rehab treatment to deal and cure his alcohol addiction, this wasn't simply enough. Jennifer Garner felt that her husband's problems got to a point of no return and his attempt at the rehab was not enough to save their marriage.

But some sources were claiming that the divorce of the couple has always been agreed upon. According to PEOPLE, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner just waited for the right timing in order to make the separation official. This was in contrast with the previous reports that the two still wanted to fix their marriage that's why they did not immediately file for divorce.

It looks like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are always on the same page of wanting to split in the first place. And now since they officially filed for divorced, they can already work together to co-parent their children and live in a peaceful and blissful way.

However, some reports were telling that there were still other reasons why Jennifer Garner gave up on their relationship. Ben Affleck has been going back and forth on his substance abuse and she had given him several ultimatums but still, he cannot get away from this trouble.

When the time came when Ben Affleck saw the need to deal with his problems and several addictions, Jennifer Garner already realized that there was nothing left to save the marriage. That's why she did not hesitate to file for the divorce in which he also had given his response immediately.