Kate Middleton reportedly has praised her brother-in-law Prince Harry as he confesses about his struggles lately. With this, the Duchess of Cambridge wished that her husband Prince William will also imitate his brother for doing it.

Lately, Prince Harry was very open about how he struggled to cope regarding the death of his mother Princess Diana. He then revealed that this was one of the reasons why he engaged into wild things and antics during his twenties. He said that he had the difficulty to control his self that time as he can hardly accept the loss of his mother as per New York Times.

Prince Harry surely had a difficult time processing all the things after the death of Diana. He also revealed that there was one time before that he almost succumbed to mental breakdown and that he wanted to punch someone in the face. He then confessed that he too experienced this struggle most especially with regards to his mental health.

Kate Middleton had nothing to say to his brother-in-law but all praises. She admired Prince Harry's self-confession and for being true. Because of this, she wished that Prince William will also imitate his brother. The Duke of Cambridge, without a doubt, had also experienced the same when their mother died but he has not been as honest and forthcoming about his personal struggles after their mother's demise.

Surely, prince William has shared before to children in the charity how he felt when his mother died but this was nothing compared to how Prince Harry detailed his struggles after Diana's death. Moreover, some have observed that Kate Middleton's husband has not opened much about his personal problems even if this is already evident in his body language.

Prince Harry's recounting his personal struggles and mental breakdown is just part of their promotion for mental health awareness together with Kate Middleton and Prince William. And as the Duchess wants her husband to be as honest as possible, she believes that this will also help with their issues at home.