Angelina Jolie has finally nabbed the $25 million estate in Los Angeles which was formerly owned by late director Cecil B. De Mille. This mansion which is said to be one of the most historic homes in Los Angeles is just miles away from Brad Pitt's home.

It has been reported lately that Angelina Jolie finally offered &25 million for the purchase of the above-mentioned estate. This mansion consists of six bedrooms, ten bathrooms and the 2.1 acres of land in the Laughlin Park Community. Apart from these amenities, it also has a gym, pool with a pool house, rose gardens, studio, library and some more.

With these features, there is a hundred percent guarantee that this can already accommodate Angelina Jolie's six children. Because of this latest report from E! News, it has been claimed that perhaps Brad Pitt also influenced her to finally return to Hollywood.

Previous reports claimed that Angelina Jolie was also considering moving to London as she was also invited as a professor in the London School of Economics which has already started. But it looks like the actress has just changed her mind and even if she has commitments in other places, she also wants to make sure that her children maintain a close relationship with their father, Brad Pitt.

It can be recalled that when Angelina Jolie broke her silence regarding her divorce with Brad Pitt, she said that despite the very difficult ordeal, the former couple's main priorities are the kids and how they will stick together as a family. Their focus now is the health of the family and that after this, they would finally come out as a stronger family as per BBC News.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt already started to unload their other homes together. And as she will soon relocate to Los Angeles in her new home, she will find herself living among many famous personalities like Natalie Portman, Casey Affleck, Lauren Graham, and Ellen Pompeo.