Jennifer Aniston is reportedly leaning on Brad Pitt after the death of her mother. It can be recalled that Brad and Angelina Jolie just separated few months ago but several reports have already been trying to reunite the actor with Jen.

Some sources revealed lately that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were back in touch and have reunited. They were just texting at first that reportedly started during her birthday but it was reported too that nothing serious would arise from it. Now, the actress has been looking for Brad for advice and guidance. Even if her husband Justin Theroux is trying to help her, it has been claimed that she still needs Brad since he understands her better than anyone else as reported on Yahoo.

Jennifer Aniston needs Brad Pitt at this moment of her life. It can be recalled that her mother, Nancy dies last May 2016. But it seems odd that she has been leaning on him a year later while she is recovering from grief since this really takes a long time and will form different paths for everyone. The sources also added that he knows her complicated history and relationship with her mother. And even before he has been helpful and she is indeed grateful to have that actor back in her life.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had an explosive split compared to his divorce from Jennifer Aniston wherein they actually stayed on comparatively amicable terms. There were times before that Jennifer or Brad said something a little negative about their split but this was nothing compared to him and Jolie's divorce. The battle between Brad and Angelina has been a little bit messy with the smear campaign being put into full gear.

After all and with all these reports and issues, people just easily believe that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been using each other for comfort. People need to remember also that they were married for a long time and the affection that they have shared was undeniable.