Brad Pitt is dealing with another issue as his mother Jane Pitt reportedly begged Jennifer Aniston to call him after his split from Angelina Jolie. Reports were spreading that his mom has been trying to reach out to Jen to help his son after a devastating split.

With this latest report, it looks like it's not only some people who want a Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reunion but his mother also wants the same to happen. Even if Jen is already happily married to Justin Theroux, Jane Pitt still hopes that the former couple will get back together as per Celebrity Insider.

Reports were escalating that Jane Pitt is concerned about how her son is dealing with his split from Angelina Jolie. She fears that her son will have a hard time coping with this trouble and this dilemma. It can be recalled that Angelina Jolie ended their two-year marriage and their decade-long relationship when she filed for divorce last year.

It has been reported that Jane Pitt is completely devastated about her son as Brad Pitt is reportedly not doing fine right now. With this, she is begging Jennifer Aniston to reach out to him and take him under his wing then eventually get back to his feet.

Even if she is aware that Jennifer Aniston is married to Justin Theroux, she has this high hopes that her son Brad Pitt and his former wife will get back together in the end. She believes and thinks that her son and Jen are meant for each other. It has been reported too that she loves Jen as a daughter and will always love her and with this she will love them to get back together.

Though some reports are telling that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have reconnected, still no reports will confirm that indeed they have reunited. But with Jane Pitt begging Jen to call her son, perhaps this speculation will not stop amidst the actor's current divorce case with Angelina Jolie.