Angelina Jolie is said to be purchasing a new property located in Los Angeles which is worth $25 million. After her divorce from Brad Pitt, the actress decided to purchase a new home which is reportedly located near the actor's LA home.

It can be recalled that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt September last year. The actress cited irreconcilable differences as the reason and many people were shocked as they never saw that coming. After the announcement of the divorce, the two were caught in a nasty battle at the same time with the child custody case. But not long after, the former couple decided to deal privately with the case with no more bickering and bad reports.

Moths have passed already and now Angelina Jolie seemed to have moved on already and maintained her focus with their six children. As of the moment, she has the custody of the six kids wherein she even brought them in Cambodia when she promoted her latest film there. When they were there, reports also escalated that Brad Pitt secretly met with the kids.

With the latest reports, Angelina Jolie is planning to acquire the jaw-dropping estate in Los Angeles formerly owned by Cecil B. DeMille. According to sources as per Daily Mail, the actress is very much interested in buying the property and what happened was actually a love at first sight. The said estate is said to be situated on 2.1 acres in Laughlin Park which is also about a mile from Brad Pitt's home.

Angelina Jolie wants to make the estate her new home after a very difficult divorce from Brad Pitt. Perhaps, she just wants to totally move on and gives what is best for the kids. Even if they are not together already, it looks like the actress is making sure that Brad can just reach his children easily. If this is the case, then the actress have completely recovered from the split and wants to start anew.